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Frequently Asked Questions

What drinks do you provide?
Most of the labels, tell us what you need and we can source it for you.


How much are your drinks?

It depends on the labels. Request for a full beverage list pricing,

Do you provide ice etc with drinks?
No, but you can purchase with us.


Do you provide glasses with drinks?
Yes, we can arrange with additional charges.


Do you use glass or plastic?

The type of glasses we use are dependent on the nature, size and location of the event.
We do provide glass for our events however at times you can have the option of environmentally friendly plastic.

Do you have to buy drinks from us when hiring a bar?

No. You can have your own drinks. This is also known as our bar pouring service only. There will be a minimal corkage incurred.

How big of a bar do you provide? How many bartenders required?
It all depends on how many people are attending your party and what beverage will be served. For example, for a party of 20-50 people, you will need one or two bar counter and one to two bartender. If there will be 200-300 guests attending your party, you will need 3-6 bar counters, 6 to 8 bartenders and extra service butlers for service and glass collections.
We can supply mobiles bars for any size of event. From 1 metre long bar for a party in your house, to our 6 metre long bar for a large event.
Please ask us for more info.

Do the bars come with fridges and cooling units?

No. You will have to hire a fridge at an extra if you need one. Alternatively, we provide cooling tubs with house to chill the drinks.


When we hire a mobile bar, is the beer dispensing system included?

No. If you hire our mobile bar, it comes without a beer dispensing system. You may request to rent one from us.

Can you supply a specific local beer or ale on tap?

Yes, we can supply a wide choice of local beers and ales from many breweries (subject to availability and orders quantities)

What facilities do you need ?
We ask that we have clear and easy access to where the bar is to be placed.
We need access to electricity on site and water access. Should there by no water/electricity, we can provide an additional option of bottled water or generation-set (subject to event requirements)

Do you just provide mobile bars for special events? 
We can provide mobile bars for any event including home parties, weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate events, festive parties, roadshow & festivals, garden parties & rallies etc.


Do I require any local authorities/alcohol license of permit?

Subject to nature of event and venue requirements

Staircase Charges?

If you do not have lift access, kindly inform us as there will be a climb & carry charges for all applicable logistics. Ask us for more details.

Do you require to pay a deposit?

Yes we require a 50% deposit to secure a booking. Full payment on the actual day of event.

How much notice do you need?
As soon as possible to avoid disappointment due to over bookings.

Do I need to do anything?

After you have given us your event details (address, pax count, schedule, other details) and placed your deposit, relax and let us liaise with the venue, take care of the license (if any or where applicable), set up, serve and clean up.

Can I customise/create my own theme event?
YES! We would love to pamper you. Tell us what you need, we will be there.


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